Drinking your go-to tipple at a bar just makes life easier to get by. Thanks to your favourite bartender’s hard work, practice, and skill, you get to enjoy your favourite mixed drinks. Their expertise allows you to kick back and relax—all without you having to worry about what goes into your favourite spirit.

However, these drinks will not be possible if not for the help of their essential bar tools that allow them to do their jobs well. If you are curious about the tools they use when creating their magic, here are their top eight secret weapons:

#1. The Measuring Tool

Every drink requires a perfect amount of sweetness, strength, and sourness. The taste of your drink depends on the right measurement for each ingredient—and to get the right amount, you will need measuring tools!

A basic measuring cup you have at home will work, but you can also purchase those made explicitly for mixing drinks, such as jiggers and cups. When making your favourite mix, never eyeball the amount of each ingredient; always use measuring tools, so you get that perfectly blended taste you’re craving for.

#2. The Cocktail Shaker

This tool is what all bartenders should invest in. Without it, you are like a college student mixing drinks using plastic cups in your bedroom!

Buy a shaker if you want to have that professional bartending experience. It is a good investment because it is the tool that you will be using the most, especially if you are into creating mixed drinks.

Also, you will soon know that having a cocktail shaker is the top-secret to becoming a good bartender. Make sure you buy the one that is easy to use and highly durable—your first few tries might end up with you dropping them, after all!

#3. The Bar Spoons

The avid alcohol enthusiast will know that some drinks were made to be stirred and not shaken. While you can always use a regular spoon, sometimes these implements are too bulky for specific narrow glasses, like a martini glass or shot glass, for example.

Bar spoons are those lengthy and narrow spoons you see that bartenders use when stirring drinks. Its slender physique makes it easy to mix any drink in any glass.

#4. The Drink Strainer

If you get yourself a cocktail shaker, you’ll need to get a strainer too! These implements are a must if you will be shaking and mixing various fruits, herbs, and ice along with your choice of alcohol.

It is an easy attachment to your cocktail shaker that ensures that no other elements besides the liquid will come out when you pour your mixture into a glass. If you do not invest in one, your drink will be filled with little pieces from your ingredients—which may seem to be a small price for a yummy drink, but it can pose as a choking hazard for the unwary!

#5. The Grater

The grater is the tool you need if you want to add an extra boost of flavour to your drink. You can use it for any spices, herbs, or citrus fruits that you can add to your beverage, such as lemon, orange, or fresh ginger. If you want to explore, feel free to grate all kinds of ingredients to bring your drink to a whole new level.

#6. The Citrus Juicer

Using raw fruits and herbs is your advantage over other bartenders. If your recipe needs a lemon or lime to it, fresh fruits always taste better than pre-bottled juices; all you need is a citrus juicer!

Simply cut your desired amount of fruits, put them into the juicer, squeeze the liquid, and add it to your mixed drink.

#7. The Mixing Glass

The mixing glass is a metal or glass container that you can use when mixing and chilling your cocktail drinks. It is where bartenders mix some drinks before serving them to customers!

The mixing glass is made from a special material that allows your beverage to chill for a longer time as compared to ordinary glass.

#8. The Pour Spout

Another pro-tool that all bartenders should have is the pour spout. It is an essential tool to have if you want to avoid making a mess while creating your drink.

These are used in all liquor to make sure nothing gets wasted. Just twist the spout on top of your liquor bottle, and you will be able to pour down your drink smoothly. Having one also makes you look like a professional bartender—so make sure to get these nifty little tools when you’re out shopping, too!


Whether you are a party host preparing drinks at your home party or you simply want to take this career to the next level, having these tools will really up your profile as a mixologist. With a complete set of bartending equipment, you will truly appear more professional while mixing up drinks—while producing better quality mixes, too!

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