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From a casual in-home tasting  among friends to a spirits import agency, we bring the world’s flavours to Ontario, Canada.


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Members, supporters and just amazing people.

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Whisky Quarterly Ontario started out with a pour. Well, four or five actually. It was a get-together of people with different experiences and backgrounds, yet all linked by one liquid golden bond – whisky.  It grew from “Is anybody doing this?” to “What if we did this? Develop a new way of bringing different craft spirits to Ontario.” Yes, apparently epiphanies do come in liquid form.

This cask strength idea would officially become Whisky Quarterly Ontario in 2018. We took to Facebook, even setting up a specific buying group for our LCBO purchases to be coordinated.  While the beginnings may have been humbly dram sized, our dreams and aspirations were as big as Madeira drums.

In 2019, we expanded farther in Ontario and nurtured our relationship with the LCBO. Moving to 2020, the year we all want to forget, saw demand for a wider range of spirits. Sometimes, the right idea just stares you in the face. So, we built a bigger shelf, or two, to add rums, gins, vodkas, liqueurs, as well as more whiskies. A bigger selection, naturally needed a bigger name. So here you are, again, or perhaps for the first time to Specialty Spirits. Whether you’re new to this refreshing world of spirits, or experienced and want to expand your collection – you’re all invited to join our community: Cheers to you.

If you have any questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and don’t hesitate to get and stay in touch.

Our Story

Over the Years


Founded as
Whisky Quarterly Ontario.

Like so many things “Canadian”, Whisky Quarterly Ontario had a humble beginning. A whisky tasting event took place for our (future) founder’s announcement party for the birth of his first son. Of the twenty in attendance, there was a variety of experiences from “this is nice” to “peated scotch is disgusting!”


AGCO license attained; partners start to onboard.

Ahhhh! We were now licensed as an importer in the Province on Ontario. As such, we onboarded our first two Distillery Partners: Cascade Street and Ironclad.


Membership launched.

Admist the throws of Wave 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic, we rolled out our Founder’s Membership in mid-2020.

The Free Tier, a more information-based email newsletter and the Paid Membership, the evolution from our Founder’s Membership continue today.


Relaunched as Specialty Spirits.

Wanting to bring equal awareness to our Distillery Partners who offer products other than whisky (or no whiskies at all), we felt a name change was in order.

Specialty Spirits is also a nod to the continued passion we share with our Partners for craft spirits. Bringing truly special products to the Province of Ontario.

2021 - ???

Building this together.

The team here at Specialty Spirits feels very fortunate for the incredible people and distilleries we have the good fortune to know.

We are a compact, focused and agile import agency. We look to continue growing this venture with support from our Members and our incredible Distillery Partners.

Specialty Spirits, Two Brewers
Specialty Spirits, California Cowboy

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Specialty Spirits, Ironclad Distillery
Specialty Spirits, Devine Distillery
Specialty Spirits, Broken Top