There seems to be this notion that it’s not very “Canadian” to brag about one’s accomplishments. Instead, the other notion is that it’s “Canadian” to be humble, discreet with an air of “oh-it’s-not-a-big-deal”.

That’s ok.

It’s cool.

So then, on behalf of all the Ontario distilleries that recently won at this year’s Canadian Whisky Awards, we’ll brag for you.
Whiskytown, aka Windsor is home to some of this year’s winners including, ahem:

If every you happen to be in Vaughn, drop by the Last Straw Distillery. Chances are you’ll see the gold medals it picked up for both their Corn Whisky and Cask Straight Ontario Rye Cask Strength Whisky.

Forty Creek, in Grimsby showed its love for heavy medals by picking up gold, silver and bronze.

Canadian Mist Distillery down Collingwood way bronzed things up a bit too.

The Canadian Whisky landscape is dotted with many familiar names; however, more and more, new names are popping up on the map. And, as the number of entries continues to grow for future Canadian Whisky Awards, you’ll probably be seeing some of those new names in the winners row.

Now, while we did brag (Hopefully not uncharacteristically too much, mind you.) about Ontario’s distillers in this post, the thing is this: no matter where you live in Canada, there’s some very flavourful whisky being crafted in your “back yard”. And with this year’s lineup of winners coming from all over the country, that is indeed worth bragging about.

Explore the pour fully completely of this year’s Canadian Whisky Awards here. Cheers.