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Kindred spirits

Thank you for looking to team up with Specialty Spirits! We’re looking for some great restaurant partners to create and deliver something unique within the Province of Ontario.

Reasons to partner with us:

  • No risk.
  • Low minimums.
  • Manageable growth.
  • Availability for tastings.
  • Unique craft spirits.
  • Access to passionate spirit aficionados and influencers.

No upfront costs

We don’t charge restaurants anything up front to be a part of our program. We just want our customers, and your patrons to enjoy craft spirits not available elsewhere.

Easy peasy

“Bringing in spirits is hard.”

Not with us it isn’t. Order under your license and keep everything above-board with the LCBO.

Pick your poison

Need gin, whiskies, vodka, rum, liqueurs? We’re constantly on the hunt for unique spirits to add to our growing list of exclusive distilleries.

Collaborative marketing

Our background in marketing means using best practices to increase your location(s) availability of our spirits. We will gladly promote you on our website. What we ask is for is some in-store promotion to drive awareness back to our membership.

Experiential events and tastings

Our team with will work with you to coordinate unique, exciting (and tasty) events at your location driving additional awareness and customers to your business.

A spirited bunch (See what we did there?)

At our core, we’re lovers of great spirits. Ontarians have always looked for spirits beyond their local LCBO’s shelves only to find the process too time-consuming and too expensive.

We have been developing our model since 2018 and are continually adapting it to serve producers, venues and consumers better.

Ready to get started?