Sometimes, it’s worth taking a chance. Sometime after that, taking that chance pays off. Let’s start with a quick recap of Taking A Chance #1: We started Specialty Spirits to bring the some of the world’s best artisanal distilleries to Ontario palates. Taking A Chance #2: Every distillery in our catalogue started with all of them taking a chance to create something a little different. And now, these two storydlines meet at the high point – Canadian Whisky Awards 2021. Not to put too fine a point on it, we’re Canadian bragging that we have something in common with this year’s awards:  some of the names we carry on our e-bar shelf are also found on the winner’s list.  Devine and Two Brewers took home their fair share of accolades. So, for Devine Distillery, ahem:
  • Artisanal distillery of the year
  • Best mixed mash whisky – Ancient Grains
  • Gold medal – Ancient Grains
  • Silver medal – Glen Saanich single malt whisky
  • Lifetime achievement award for distiller, Ken Winchester.
And If you could hold our dram while we list Two Brewers honours: We’re so proud of distillery partners’ accomplishments. Taking a chance does pay off and even more, tastes so-o-o-o-o good.  For a full rundown of this year’s winners, first pour yourself something from Devine Distillery and/or Two Brewers, then click here. Cheers to great Canadian Whisky!

Check out the recording from the event: