Cascade Street DistilleryWe’ve been working on something for a while, and it’s so wonderful to be able to finally share it – We have our first exclusive distillery: Cascade Street Distillery from Oregon.

As they put it:

We live in Sisters, Oregon, surrounded by endless forest, hundreds of pristine lakes; back-dropped by 10,000 foot Cascade Mountain Peaks. Imagine if you could take the essence of a place and put it into a bottle? That’s what we’ve done at Cascade Street Distillery. To the ingénue, we might seem laid back; to the seasoned life traveller, we’ve just caught on to a good thing.

We’re incredibly happy to be working with Nick and Katie on bringing their Broken Top Bourbon to Ontario.

So, how does Cascade Street Distillery define their Broken Top Bourbon?

As American as a saloon in the old west, ours is a bold sipping bourbon born of 100% American corn, rye, & barley and mixed with pristine mountain spring water. One sip will be enough to make you a fan of our mountain style bourbon.

Why Cascade Street Distillery?

When we started out with ambitions of starting to import whiskies into Ontario, we wanted to partner with distilleries who shared our passion for quality, had immense pride in their product and who are interested in working with Whisky Quarterly Ontario to bring to our members.

Cascade Street Distillery, Exclusive to Whisky Quarterly Ontario

What’s Next?

Well, like any process: Time. The AGCO is working through their final licensing processes as we speak. Once we have their go ahead, we will begin to work with Nick and the LCBO to get Cascade Street Distillery setup and ready to import.

At that point, you will start to see changes on the site surrounding helping promote the brand, as well as availability to order by the case, and we’ll be looking at including Cascade Street Distillery’s bourbon into one of our rotations.

As far as what’s next with Cascade Street Distillery and Whisky Quarterly Ontario? Well… While we’re a whiskey-loving band, they do have a delicious sounding gin and vodka as well. But that’s a story for another day. For now – Let’s get some Bourbon!