Okay, don’t panic – But let’s talk for a second about putting the scotch down.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with pouring yourself a glass of your favorite whisky to sip and enjoy after a long day. The familiar aroma and feel transports us to a happier place, a perfectly-earned indulgence to cap off the day.

However, if you only drink whisky, you’re missing out on some other fine spirits. When’s the last time you tried something else? If all you can recall is well drinks from the college bar back in the day, then you’ve got to revisit the other spirits and give them fair play.

With so many choices though, it might seem a bit daunting to make a decision. Not to worry as we’ve got you covered with some suggestions that will have you mixing it up quite a bit!

Your Taste: Cask Strength Varieties or Peated Scotch

For those that feel more at home with a glass of something bold and strong, the stronger spirits are where you should look for inspiration first. If you’re really in the mood for something bold, tequila is where it’s at.

What you’ll love about tequila is that it has high-end offerings that are comparable to the cask strength whisky and bourbon you collect on your shelf. These are vastly different from those cheap shots your friends made you do once upon a bar years ago. Like your beloved scotch, they’re made for sipping and savoring the boldness.

Another option for the ambitious is rum. More specifically, a smoky or earthy taste like the rums of Martinique will have you nodding in absolute agreement. It’s a logical move to stir your daring palate. Even venturing into wine is an enterprising move too. French Bordeaux has long been revered for its classic strength and charm and may soon make a fan of you as well.

Your Taste: Softer, More Floral Whiskies

When you regular choose American, Irish, or Japanese whiskies to reward yourself for a day well done or savor of those “this is the life” type of moments in your life, you might find spirits with a softer feel to be more in line with your own spirit. For this reason, we recommend trying out vodka or gin. Fortunately, many distilleries often have both gin and/or vodka in their lines. It’s those “other” spirits that kick off whisky or bourbon dreams!

Vodka has long been considered a softer spirit for it really has a less detectable taste. Depending on what you mix it with, you might barely notice it at all. For a balance between those extremes and something a little more ornamental, St. George Spirits crafted All Purpose Vodka from Bartlett pears rather than the standard potato. There are also options like The Florida Citrus Vodka from Manifest Distilling to add that splash of citrus!

Gin is generally a more floral spirit overall. The light and airy sensation you get from drinking it almost cleanses the palate. Still, if you’re not sold on gin, there are barrel-aged varieties of it that bridge the gap between whisky and gin with absolute perfection.

Your Taste: No Overpowering Alcohol Flavour

For many, scotches and whiskies have put people off for one reason: They can be strong. Now a person like myself, that’s one of the reasons I adore peated scotch but many want to enjoy quality spirits – Without the “punch in the teeth” as one member once said when describing Aberlour A’Bunadh.

For those type of drinkers, the Japanese whiskies, or something like Bastille, which is a French-line of whisky are options. Blended whiskies I also find have a much more subtle palette.

Another option is to move into a different category all together! We’ve all experienced Baileys, kind of a household name. But there are great options from Forty Creek Cream, Elk Island Spirits has MooseMilk, etc. Pour these over ice or simply pour and enjoy. Do you enjoy your coffee as much as whisky? There are also great options such as KAVI Reserve and Single Origin Coffee Liqueur Batch #2 to satisfy both flavour cravings!

Let us know which of these spirits tempts your palate the most!