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Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing scotch, a flavourful gin or something to sip after a long day, we have a new favourite for each mood or occasion.


Specialty Spirits Icons - Alchemist Distiller

Alchemist Distiller

Alchemist Distiller’s products are 100% made from Okanagan apples.

Specialty Spirits Icons - Devine Distillery

Devine Distillery

One of the few certified craft distilleries in the heart of the Saanich Peninsula.

Specialty Spirits Icons - Elder Bros Farms

Elder Bros Farms

Nothing but respect for these Elders – A blend of both old and new worlds.

Specialty Spirits Icons - Two Brewers

Two Brewers

Put two lads in the Yukon, stick them on a canoe trip and lo and behold, out comes a brewery.  Yes, that’s how it really started.

Specialty Spirits Icons - Yukon Brewing

Yukon Brewing

Take two lads in the Yukon, stick them on a canoe trip and lo and behold, you get a brewery.

United States

Specialty Spirits Icons - Broken Barrel Whiskey

Broken Barrel

Made with passion and purpose.  Barrel Breakers, Risk Takers.

Specialty Spirits Icons - California Cowboy Whiskey

California Cowboy Whiskey

A uniquely created spirit that hooks up the traditional Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with a touch of modern California.

Specialty Spirits Icons - Infuse Spirits

Infuse Spirits

Like so many unforgettable stories… this one began in a garage.

Specialty Spirits Icons - Ironclad Distillery

Ironclad Distillery

The bourbon with bang.

Specialty Spirits Icons - Manifest Distilling

Manifest Distilling

A celebration of American Craftsman-sip.

Specialty Spirits Icons - Probably Shouldn't Distillery

Probably Shouldn't Distillery

Actually, you probably should.

Specialty Spirits Icons - Skeptic Distillery

Skeptic Spirits

Be prepared to believe.

United Kingdom

Specialty Spirits Icons - Chilgrove Spirits

Chilgrove Spirits

‘Gloriously English.’

Specialty Spirits Icons - Dram Mor Group

Dràm Mòr Group

Independent single cask whisky bottlers.

Specialty Spirits Icons - The Single Cask

The Single Cask

Single-minded determination to deliver the best whiskies.


Specialty Spirits Distillery Partner - Illegal Tender Rum Co

Illegal Tender Rum Co.

A 230+ year love affair with rum.