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Alchemist Distiller

Alchemist Distiller’s products are 100% made from Okanagan apples.

Tasting Room at Alchemist Distillery
Alchemist Distiller

The Real Taste of the Okanagan

While Alchemy is seen a pseudoscience, Alchemist is indeed very real.  Alchemist Distiller is a micro distillery in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, BC, famous for its fruits and wines. That’s where Sandrine and Simon, originally from France, hand craft fine spirits 100% made from the valley grown Apples. The singular design of the still associated with Simon’s savoir-faire allows Alchemist Distiller to offer unique flavours to enjoy and share with your closest friends.

All the products are made in small batches from local Okanagan apples and other natural ingredients.

Products available from Alchemist Distiller:

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Don’t Myth Out.  Enjoy Alchemist Distiller’s Creations!

Alchemist Distiller, Whisky Quarterly Ontario partner
Nectar Apple Liqueur, Alchemist Distiller