Tradition ingrained, terroir inspired.

Devine Distillery

One of the few certified craft distilleries in the heart of the Saanich Peninsula.

Still at Devine Distillery
Devine Distillery, Scenery
Devine Distillery & Winery Logo

From field to glass since 2007.

Ken Winchester, Devine Distillery’s Master Distiller and winemaker, is often found watching over their vintage German copper pot still, Brünhilde. Ken is considered a pioneer of the craft spirits movement in Canada and believes deeply in the vision and mission of a field to glass offering.

Eau de Vie created from strawberries, gin crafted from wine grapes, rum distilled from honey, and whisky from island-grown malted barley.

Much has changed since they planted their vines in 2007 but the important parts remain: Devine Distillery is still family-owned and operated by the Windsor family.  One can almost always catch a glimpse of Devine’s original vineyard manager, John Thomas, roaming and tending the grounds.

The Devine Distillery family grows and evolves with each passing season. What doesn’t change is the unwavering passion of celebrating the land, cherishing community, and enjoying good food and drink with the people they love.  And yes, that truly is Devine.

Products available from Devine Distillery:

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It’s your Devine right to enjoy.

California Cowboy Whiskey Bourbon Cocktail
Devine Distillery & Winery Ancient Grains