A 230+ year love affair with rum.

Illegal Tender Rum Co.

Premium Australian spirits crafted in small batches using only high quality ingredients.

Illegal Tender Rum Co Distiller, Codie Palmer
Illegal Tender Distillery Front
Illegal Tender Rum Co Logo

Pouring Over The Past.

Naming a company takes a lot of thought and research. Too long and people forget you.  Then again, too short and you become a slang word faded out of meaning.

After a touch of research, the folks at Illegal Tender came across a couple of interesting and tasty facts about rum in Australia.

From 1787 to 1824, rum reigned supreme as Australia’s form of tender; it was bartered with and used as a form of payment for all types of workers and items. Many famous Australian landmarks of this time, were bought and built with rum as the main currency. In 1824 the acting governor of the time ordered that rum be made an illegal form of tender.

So it only seemed fitting that the best way to pay homage to that time in Australian history, would be taking on the name Illegal Tender Rum Co: an all-Australian company seeking to produce the finest all-Australian small batch rum.

All we can say to that is:  “Bloody oath, mate.”

Products available from Illegal Tender Rum Co.:

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It isn’t against the law to enjoy some Illegal Tender.

Illegal Tender Rum Co
Illegal Tender Rum Co.