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Ironclad Distillery: Made in Virginia
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I am Iron Clad.

(Just let the guitar riff play in your head while you keep reading.)

In 1862, one year into the American Civil War, the first ships to be armored in iron engaged in the waters off the Port of Newport News, Virginia. A few hours later, the Navy would be changed forever.

That mighty battle inspired Ironclad Distillery’s name.  They make authentic bourbon. That’s it. Nothing else.  And they’re sticking to their guns about that.

Working with some of Virginia’s best grains, Ironclad’s aim is to produce bourbon whiskey that is accessible in flavour and price, while being of the highest quality of production.

Located along the James River, within view of the old Battle of the Ironclads site, Ironclad operates in the prodigious S.W. Holt & Co. warehouse built in 1913.

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Products available from Ironclad Distillery:

Ironclad Distillery Small Batch Bourbon - Specialty Spirits

Small Batch Bourbon

Ironclad Distillery Straight Bourbon - Specialty Spirits

Straight Bourbon

Ironclad Distillery Southern Honey Bourbon - Specialty Spirits

Hot Southern Honey Finish Bourbon

Ironclad Distillery Coffee Finish Bourbon - Specialty Spirits

Coffee Finish Bourbon

Ironclad Distillery Maple Finish Bourbon - Specialty Spirits

Maple Finish Bourbon

Discover the elements of a great bourbon with Ironclad.

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