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Where craft and science meet.

Skeptics are curious by nature. They believe in free thinking and individuality. They also feel there are always better ways to do things or different ways of solving problems, and that’s what makes life interesting. In the world of distilling, these same Skeptics wondered why spirits can’t be made fresher, faster, smoother and more flavourful than they are with traditional methods. Why couldn’t craft and science be fused together to make something new… something unique… something better?

Karl started out as an avid homebrewer and craft beer enthusiast with a little dream of opening up his own brewery one day. After getting bitten hard by the craft beer bug, he dove headfirst into the pool full of alligators, piranhas and yeast that is homebrewing. His wife (at the time) was “skeptical” about his ability to craft a drinkable, much less GOOD, beer using that crusty old gumbo stock pot on their tiny kitchen stove. But to her shock and dismay, she one day begrudgingly admitted that an IPA he fermented in a five gallon bucket tucked away in the back corner of a dark closet, behind the dusty dress shoes Karl never wore, with a wet t-shirt wrapped around it to keep it below room temperature, was “pretty okay.” That beer was christened the India Pale Skeptic Ale in honour of having turned a Skeptic into a Believer. Well, not exactly, but you get the drift. Still, it was official – the idea if not yet the company, Skeptic Brewing Co. was born.

Flash forward a few years to see Karl adrift in the monotony of a (sadly) non-alcoholic position at a specialty cleaning solvent company.  There, he has a close encounter with vacuum distillation, a practice already used to distill wines into brandies. The connection was instantaneous: he could use vacuum distillation not only to produce exceptionally clean and fresh vodka and gin, but also to turn craft beers into whiskeys!  Karl spends the next years building a custom vacuum still and perfecting the recipe for Skeptic Gin, which would later earn its place on Wine Enthusiasts Top 100 Spirits in the World, 2019.

Thus, Skeptic Brewing Co would be replaced by Skeptic Distillery. The rest, as they say, is history.  Believe it… or not.

Products available from SkeptiC Distillery:

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Enjoy a healthy dram of skepticism.