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Take two lads in the Yukon, stick them on a canoe trip and lo and behold, you get a brewery.

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What’s a canoe?  Nothing, what’s a canoe with you?

Take two lads in the Yukon, stick them on a canoe trip, and lo and behold, in 1997 a brewery was born. Hang on a second, this story sounds familiar.  Well, it is.  If you read about Two Brewers, then this story isn’t canoe to you at all (Brewery, still, whisky, etc.)  However, this is where the authors throw in a plot twist.

Whisky was the name of the game in the beginning but as it turns out, making whisky involves a lot of waiting around. While waiting for whisky to mature in barrels, Yukon Brewing got busy making other fine spirits. Yukon Brewing has produced a number of different spirits to include gin, liqueurs, brandy and more.

It’s been more than two decades since that canoe trip.  Since pulling the paddles out of the water, Yukon Brewing and sister whisky company Two Brewers continue to refresh and satisfy beer and spirit explorers.

Dang, you just gotta love prequels.

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Yukon Brewing Artisan Gin
Yukon Brewing Artisan Gin