Enjoying mocktails is the infamous hobby of crafting non-alcoholic drinks for a sober good time. However, amateur mixologists might get the wrong idea about what makes a mocktail a mocktail. It’s not uncommon for people to think that mocktails are just sugar-filled concoctions just like the all too memorable Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri or a Shirley Temple. With the right techniques and ingredients, you’ll realize that there’s more to cocktails than just being a fancy lemonade.

Stepping up your mocktail brewing game

Like cocktails, there are also numerous ways to brew a mocktail. However, since you’re not using spirits to bring out its flavour, you have to get creative with your mixing techniques and ingredients.

In this article, we will share three ways to improve your mocktail brews.

Play around with your infusions

One way to add a dynamic layer to your beverage’s flavour is to add infusions. Don’t let the name fool you. It’s merely integrating one ingredient to spice up a drink, similar to blending coffee and tea. Cocktails usually use infused spirits, but you’ll want to use an infused base for your purposes. Here are two options you can use:

  • Egg whites: You might think that egg whites are odd for a beverages’ ingredient, but they’re present in both cocktails and mocktails. If you want to add weight to your drink, egg whites can add a silky texture and temper sour flavours. Keep in mind that you should learn the right way to use raw egg whites unless you want to run the risk of giving yourself an upset stomach.
  • Oleo Saccharum: It’s the method of extracting aromatic oils from citrus. Generally, many non-alcoholic drinks lack the spice and kick that can simulate a buzz. This is mainly because some drinks use too much sugar as its base. Through Oleo Saccharum, you can use the middle citrus peels of your choice to release its syrupy content through a baggie.

Get creative with your base

Soda water is usually the go-to option for cocktails and mocktails. However, if you want to bring out a truly unique flavour, you should think outside the box. Instead of using sodas and sweet beverages, why not choose a unique fruit that people won’t expect? Cucumber juice is an excellent example of an unusual base that can work well with the right infusion. We have also been a huge fan of Appleflats’ mixers, epspecially when you’re in the mood for a splash of apple!

Another wacky idea is using vinegar as a base for your mocktails. Although it might overpower your mix’s taste in theory, it provides a tangy and tart bite that you would usually get from alcohol. Mix vinegar with the right balance of sugar and aromatics, and you’ve got yourself a unique “shrub” mocktail.

Finally, there is an emergence of non-alcoholic spirits. Companies like Lumette! and Spiritless are redefining zero alcoholic “spirits”

Temper your use of water

Keep in mind that adding water is the fastest way to lessen your concoction’s flavor. This is why it’s best to avoid adding ice to your drink since it can ruin its quality over time. Instead, it’s better to blend your mocktail mix and store it in an ice cube form if you want to add it to the same drink. This will improve your beverage’s flavor as it melts in your glass.


Mocktails can be a lot of fun and full of flavor, even without the buzz of alcohol. A party doesn’t always need an intoxicated crowd, especially if you want to savour the moments you have with your guests. This is why mocktails are an excellent alternative for people who want to embrace the party vibe without feeling left out.

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