A Little ‘Cale, Naturally.

Straight Triticale Whiskey

Dry Fly

The stylus clumsily stumbles onto to the track band of the album.  Pops, hisses and crackles blurt through the speakers for a few seconds.  Then, the soft hush of a crowd fades in my ears.  Hand claps and hoots become more present.  Louder still until – the crowd stops.  The air is still until it is punctuated by the jingle jangle of guitar strings.  The mood is set, the crowd is ready.  I turn the volume up to take in the opening chords of Cajun Moon”.  But I’m not alone in this melodic journey.  Truth – I do enjoy a little Cale with my whiskey.  However, I also enjoy a little ‘cale in my whiskey.

Triticale is a hybrid, or as I like to call it, a ryebrid whiskey of wheat and rye.  Granted, there are wheated bourbons that are created with a mash of wheat and rye.  Washington state’s Dry Fly Distilling created something a little different here.  They crossed a wheat grain and a rye grain to create a single grain called triticale.

Dry Fly’s Triticale pours (appropriately) deep gold in my glass.  And at 44% abv, this gives the notes just a little more oomph as they make their introduction.  Triticale, on the nose, isn’t bragging or all up in your grill.  Yet, it isn’t shy either.  It has subtle swagger.  Sure, there’s vanilla and oak.  Cloves, baking spices – even a hint of ginger – heat things up a little.  But in those expected tones are floral notes, too.  On the tongue, said heat is subdued.  The pepper and spiciness have nice soft, polished edges to them, providing delicious background vocals to the vanilla, caramel and oak.  Leaving the stage down the back of your throat, the glow of the flavour spotlight fades away warmly and purposefully.  Sweetly taking its time as if the audience was calling waiting for an encore.  (Indeed, my eyes, nose, tongue and throat were rewarded with a repeat performance.

Think of Dry Fly Triticale as a liquid version of the Tulsa sound.  It’s an amalgam of tones and notes from other styles, then putting them together in a different way to tell the story.  Not every story has to be bombastic.  Not every story has to have you on the edge of your seat.  Sometimes, a laid-back conversation is worth savouring.  That’s Triticale.  And the best part is, you don’t have to wait ‘til after midnight to enjoy a glass.  Cheers.

Tasting Notes

Colour:  Deep Gold.

Nose:  Vanilla, spices, cloves, oak, floral notes, caramel, and ginger.

Taste:  Vanilla, caramel, spices. pepper, oak.

Finish:  Long.