Let’s Call This Meeting To Order.

GrainHenge Meeting Creek Small Batch Canadian Whisky

Troubled Monk

It’s always a treat to find a whisky that’s made in your back yard.  Granted, Canada’s backyard is pretty big so it’s in our back yard, around the corner and a couple of time zones down the road.  Actually, truthfully, and conveniently, showed up at the front door.  In this particular case, GrainHenge Whisky has just released its first expression – Meeting Creek Whisky – a small batch release made by Troubled Monk Brewery in Red Deer.  (Told you we had a big back yard.)  We, and that includes our empty glasses, we’re happy to have received a sample to explore. This burnished coloured whisky looked awfully warm – especially against the backdrop of the snow in the front yard.  For a first release, kudos to GrainHenge/Troubled Monk for releasing a cask strength expression right out of the gate when perhaps a more cautious approach would have been to cast, or cask, a wider net with a lower abv.

Our sample at 56.7% abv, one could have presumed, would have that in-yer-face alcohol presence.  Here’s the thing: Meeting Creek doesn’t yell high abv.  The notes certainly ride up on the abv’s coattails but they aren’t anesthetized or overtaken by the alcohol. There are aromas aplenty with baking spices, graham wafers, creme brûlée with sugar that was just caramelized.  Throw in a couple of Kraft chocolate cubes. After a couple of minutes, and a few drops of water, notes of jam and marmalade popped in as well has sweet hard candy.  The palate gets greeted by some licorice hellos, hints of pepper as well as those Kraft chocolate cubes `Smored on top of those graham wafers.  The medium-long finish reinforces quite nicely what the nose was introduced to.

Meeting Creek is a “young” whisky age-wise but it’s not brash, impudent, or aggressive.  Rather, it’s youthful and exuberant.  The cask strength abv is polite; it doesn’t talk over the aromas and tastes.  Meeting Creek, indeed has a lot to say and not all at once but at relaxed, “oh here’s another thing” kind of pace.After sipping the smapler’s last flavourful sip, I can sum up it this way:  Grainhenge’s Meeting Creek cask strength whisky isn’t about giving you heat to melt the snow.  It’s about giving you warmth to enjoy it. Cheers.

Tasting Notes

Colour:  Burnished.

Nose:  Baking spices, marmalade, graham wafers, caramelized sugar, Kraft chocolate cubes.

Taste:  Licorice, pepper, toffee, and chocolate.

Finish:  Medium-Long.