When most of us think of the a day to celebrate whisky/whiskey we tend to think about the third Saturday in May, which is World Whisky Day. While that is a perfectly acceptable (and well celebrated) day, I wanted to bring some attention to another amazing celebration which happens every year on March 27th: International Whisk(e)y Day.

So, while World Whisky Day celebrates the spirit itself, I love the message behind International Whisk(e)y Day:

On this date let every whisk(e)y lover annually raise a dram – wherever in the world he or she may be – to honour the many unsung heroes of the past and present, who have been crafting the King o’Drinks for centuries and will hopefully continue to do so till the end of time.

What a great message, let’s not just celebrate the spirit – But the trailblazers who have built the industry into what it is today. It was started in 2008 as a way to commemorate Michael Jackson, an amazing whisky writer, and lover of the spirit.

In addition, as Michael suffered for years from Parkinson’s Disease, in addition to celebrating the spirit it is encouraged for spirit lovers to donate to either a charity that focuses on Parkinson’s itself, or a charity of their choosing in a way of celebrating the lives of those we’ve lost.

How Else Can You Bring Awareness?

There are a few other things that the organization states that can help bring the message out:

  • On Twitter they encourage using the hashtag #whiskyday
  • Have fun on Instagram by snapping a photo with your fav bottle or dram and use hashtag #WhiskyDaySelfie.
  • Enjoy some great beer – Yes, beer – Michael was fond of both types of alcohol

However you celebrate March 27th, with whomever and whatever liquid you pour together, let us raise our glasses to the trailblazers of this amazing industry – Sláinte!