Wine, beer, and spirits have always dominated the alcohol segment. But in recent years, there has been a shift toward non-alcoholic varieties. It’s evolved from social media “Dry January” events and mocktails (cocktails without alcohol) to create a craft drinking experience without alcohol.

Also known as non-alcoholic spirits, they’re made from botanicals that are created and only lack alcohol. It gives those that want an alcohol-free option the chance to enjoy a well-balanced drink without the addition of calorie-filled juices and syrups. Basically, it’s a lighter, more refreshing option to accompany meals or have a more social evening with friends while staying sober or sticking to a healthier way of life.

It’s not just for those who have sworn off drinking or pregnant women who miss having a cocktail. Designated drivers can enjoy drinks through non-alcoholic spirits without having to drink water, juice, or soda all night. Aside from that though, even those that don’t wish to give up alcohol may find pleasure in non-alcoholic spirits because it can lessen the caloric burden and keep them from overdoing it when trying to stick to a fitness plan.

From Canada, Lumette! is one of these 0% alt-gin spirits. Lumette! is a natural distillation that has the same versatility as gin without a drop of alcohol. It’s made with juniper, grapefruit, orange, cucumber, rose, mint, and grand fir and has the distinction of being the first non-alcoholic spirit from Canada.

While it has a lovely and refreshing flavor, it’s not meant to be consumed neat. Adding a splash of ginger ale or tonic to it will give you that cocktail-like experience sans alcohol. You can also sub it into your favorite cocktail recipes. It’s ideal for a baby shower when you want something more unique than sparkling grape juice, something that adds an element of elegance that a mom-to-be can fully enjoy, guilt-free.s

Created by the MacIsaac’s from Sheringham Distillery fame, the goal to give consumers an option to find non-alcoholic spirits that would tempt the palate, refresh, and work beautifully in any setting. If you’ve ever wished for a proper Bloody Mary but didn’t want the buzz to make you lag the rest of the day or you have a work-related event and don’t want to be the person everyone talks about come Monday, Lumette! is one of those spirits that can give you the flavor without the buzz.

Additionally, the non-alcoholic segment of the market is creating a safe space for those that have given up drinking. With non-alcoholic bars popping up, it’s a place for those to gather and socialize in a bar setting without alcohol. People can enjoy shooting pool, playing darts, and eating bar food without the temptation of alcoholic beverages.

Want to try a non-alcoholic spirit? Look for Lumette! in Ontario soon and enjoy a light, refreshing spirit akin to gin in your favourite mocktail.