Deanston 2008 Bordeaux is a Scottish single malt of 58.7% ABV, aged 9 years aged with French wine barrels in European oak.

Add 3-5 drops of water to this one and let it sit for 3 minutes, don’t brave it at cask strength (you won’t enjoy it).  This is a icing sugar sweet, spicy, wine influenced monster.  When cut with water the barley sugars pop out and let the scotch out from behind the wine curtain.  This is not a scotch for the first timer or uninitiated.  I’d suggest trying a Deanston with no “wine cask finish” first to get acclimated.

Score: 84

Experienced or uninitiated and want to pick up a bottle of Deanston 2008 Bordeaux Cask Matured for yourself ? Check out availability at your local LCBO and keep your eyes out for future releases from Deanston.