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Auchroisk – 11 Year Old


Because Auchroisk is a bit of a tongue twister (it’s pronounced orth-rusk), the whisky was to rebranded ‘The Singleton.’ Which you might have heard of. Let’s be honest, is a lot easier to say. Thankfully you don’t need to pronounce Auchroisk to enjoy it; although we’ve found that it’s a lot easier to say after you’ve had a few glasses. The Auchroisk site is massive and Diageo matures a lot of their whisky here; but we think that it’s important to try the genuine article.

Nose: Sweet malt, lime and nutmeg, followed by some pepper cracked over oak.

Palate: Lime, juicy kiwi and lemon are mixed with nutmeg.

Finish: Medium to long finish of black pepper and nutmeg sprinkled over oranges.

56.50% ABV. 700 mL.

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