Florida Citrus Vodka

This incredibly refreshing vodka was a delightful accident. During Manifest Distilling’s gin production, they created individual botanical distillations, some of which were different types of citrus peels. During their fractional blending, they ended up mixing a few different citrus distillates together without any other botanicals and tasting it. At that point, they knew this was our best little mistake.

As most things that are supposed to happen go, Manifest were put in touch with the absolute nicest guy, Cecil, who owns C&S groves down in Palatka, Florida. Manifest’s head distiller, David and our head of sales, Tom, went down one morning to check things out and ended up driving back with 600 pounds of the tastiest Florida citrus. Tom and their lead distiller Mike went back down a week later to pick up another 200 pounds to round out our final count for the recipe.

Technically, Manifest Distilling has to classify this as a “flavoured vodka”, which comes with a lot of associated opinions. Most flavored vodkas use flavoring agents, additives and sweeteners to deceive your pallet into liking it. Just like they approach all our spirits, Manifest believe that whatever they are making should be the purest form of that category.

40.0% ABV. 750 mL or 375 mL.

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