Manifest Gin

Over a year-and-a-half developing the profile for Manifest Distilling’s Gin. It was a painstaking process of individually distilling more than 25 different botanicals to gauge its taste as a single distillate. This allowed them to isolate each flavour profile and then fractionally blend down their exact recipe. Manifest went through multiple versions of the recipe before targeting what sits in the bottle today.

As self-proclaimed “gin-heads,” Manifest Distilling went for a crisp, refreshing flavour profile to celebrate their warm weather climate. A lot of the mouth feel and texture in Gin can come from the base spirit. They tasted over half a dozen neutral spirits before selecting the base. The clear winner was an organic wheat neutral. Since Manifest Distilling is based in Florida, they chose to use dried lemon and orange peel to create that crispness. They didn’t want to alienate all that makes gin a gin, though, so they braced the spirit with juniper berries and angelica root, in addition to other traditional gin botanicals. This provides a wonderful balance of crisp and dry.

Enjoy a bottle of Florida’s first organic gin to try it for yourself.

45.0% ABV. 750 mL or 375 mL.

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