Specialty Services

Barrel-sized support, dram-sized pricing.

Who or what is Specialty Services?

Spirits sharing, storytelling, brand building, sales growing professionals. Oh, and consumers as well.

Specialty Services is a division of our import agency to help 


Small in size. Big in thinking.

We are a specialized agency with a singular focus:  To help you grow your distillery’s presence here in Ontario. The correct industry term is fractional marketing.  But that’s corporate-speak and anything but spirited. 

Specialty Services’ solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all; rather, they’re bespoke and developed into what-suits-you-best.  From a dram-sized requirement today or a column still-sized one tomorrow, we’re here to pour everything we have into helping your brand grow.


We love what we do.

Four words:  Tell others about you.  No matter if you’re a newly-started distillery, an established Ontario-based distillery or one of our Distillery Partners, let’s get you in people’s minds and in their favourite glass.

Services offered by Specialty Services

Web development & eCommerce
Get noticed.  Keep them engaged.  Using a performance-based approach combined with our passion for spirits, let us distill your web presence so you can increase your rankings in the geography that helps most.
Content development

Start the conversation and keep it going.  Whether it’s with a press release, product review or a series of blog posts, our flexible packages can ramp up your content.

Get started on your content strategy today. Learn more about our content options.

Social media

Initiate interest in your products online – without having to monitor everytyhing online all day yourself.

Let’s generate some buzz together. Check out our social media options.

Product photography

You make incredible products – Let’s make sure they always look their best.

Get the photo package of your products that can be used where you want:  print, web and social media.  Say cheese!

Learn more about our photography options.

SWAG & promotional items

Making spirits… or t-shirts?  Hmmm, what to do, what to do? The answer is pretty straightforward of where your attention should be.

A little SWAGger goes a long way. 

And we can help you here, too.  Teaming up with you to sell SWAG and promotional items in your distillery and let us include them on our own eCommerce channels.

Let’s discuss further on how we can work together on your promotional items and SWAG.