SWAG & Promotional Items

Wear it’s at.

A little SWAGger goes a long way. 

Your brand; embossed, etched and delivered.

Clothing and apparel.

Your brand needs to be out there.  It needs to be seen.  Whether you’ve got: an important socially distanced in-person client meeting; a with-pants video conference call; a round of golf to talk requirements; or an office supply run, you want to make sure you’re putting your best name forward.

No matter what you need –  branded or unbranded apparel, we have access to all the major clothing lines as well as some hidden gems up our sleeves.  We work closely with suppliers for all main types of brandwear printing.


  • Embroidery is perfect for polo shirts, hats and jackets. It also lasts the longest so you’ll never be concerned with fading or wearing off your item.
  • Screen printing separates out your artwork by colour, then applies it to your chosen fabric – one tone at a time. It’s a truly economical way to bring your brand to items like tshirts.

Promotion with purpose.

We bring your unique craft spirits to Ontario.  We can also bring your unique story to Ontario.  One way we do that is by finding the right promotional items that do more just show off your logo.

We don’t work with  “widget of the week” promotional products suppliers. We look to source quality products that are worthy to carry your brandmark… and ours.

Every promotional product has a raison d’être.  Whether it’s simple giveaway items, marketing tie-ins, inventory to sell, or one-of-a-kind recognition pieces, we’ll help you find those pieces that fit your brand’s raison d’être.