Website Development

Build it and they will come.

Uncommonly good spirits belong on an uncommonly spirited website.

It’s about traction and reaction.

Our finished websites are performance driven right out of the gate.  It’s also about delivering your web presence that’s a refined blend of being informative, engaging and visually striking.  As a Specialty Services client, you’ll receive monthly statistical reports that include web traffic data so you know how well your site is doing, engagement data to show what pages are being hit, who’s visiting your site and from where.  Plus, your Specialty Services created website gets these add-ins:
  • Developed on WordPress

  • 9 free plugins for added functionality

  • A detailed implementation plan

  • Content writing and creation

  • 1 year of website hosting

  • 1 year of website domain registration

  • Online backups

  • Security monitoring/checks

  • Link monitoring

  • Performance monitoring

  • Up-time monitoring

  • Basic SEO monitoring

  • Social Media integration

  • Email integration

  • No custom code to “lock you in”

  • At minimum, a quarterly custom content interview

Unlocking riveting content is easy when you have the key.

What sets us apart from other website builders is fundamentally this: we take the time to understand your business and your customer.  This leads us to honing the message(s) you want to convey, and the solution you want to provide your consumers with.  We work in lock-step with you to create a web presence that gets traction and reaction.

It all starts with a simple video conference – we meet for about an hour  to uncover what makes your business distinctive.  We’ll use those insights and stories to hone a strategic plan and starting point for creating your content.

Throught this development process, your feedback and comments are essential while your project takes shape.  Nothing is ever openly published and released without your approval.

Website development costs:

Additional options for your site.

Every business solution is different, so let’s explore options together during our initial consultation.

eCommerce customization.

It starts from $500 for 5 hrs of setup and product creation on WooCommerce.

Let us know what kind of features your eCommerce store needs: Memberships, subscriptions, pre-orders, product search, check out add-ons, and smart coupons.  The possibilities are eLimitless.

Business indispensables.

A suite of must-haves that include:

  • Premium SEO monitoring to attract and get more visitors, increase your readers’ engagement, and how your content is viewed across multiple platforms.
  • Integrate WooCommerce with Facebook.
  • Social Media.
  • Blogging and other content.

Anything else? Just ask.

With the indredible funtionality in both WordPress and WooCommerce, it really comes down to:  Where do you want to go and when would you like to start?