Are you searching for the best whisky experience? We have your back. The world of whisky is continuously changing. As the brands continue changing these drinks, so are the cocktails. However, some drinks stand the test of time and will always give you an excellent whisky experience. Here are ten great whisky cocktails that you must try:

Manhattan Cocktail

If you’ve never tried whisky before, this is where you should start! This sophisticated cocktail of rye whisky with bitters and sweet vermouth will give you a taste of the world of whisky.

Old Fashioned

If you’ve seen this cocktail, it looks simple, but it isn’t. With a mix of bitters, water, sugar, and the all-important whisky, this cocktail can be tailored to your personal taste! Although bourbons are preferred, you can never go wrong with rye whisky.

Whisky Sour

This cocktail is as simple as it sounds: whisky, with a touch of lemon or lime with some syrup. Although simple in its makeup, the taste is unmatched. This is a simple drink to make, and virtually any whisky can be used for it.

John Collins

This is a sour whisky with some club soda. If you’re at the bar and are unsure of how to order such a drink, specify the type of liquor you want and follow it with “collins.”

Irish Coffee

This drink is perfect after a hearty meal or to warm you up. It is a mix of coffee, sugar, some whipped cream, and of course, Irish Whiskey. It is a great way to enjoy coffee and whisky together.

Mint Julep

If you want more out of your cocktails, get the Mint Julep. This is one of if not the freshest cocktail you will ever get to taste. It is a simple mixture of mint and your favourite liquor.

Algonquin Cocktail

We recommend having this fantastic cocktail with Canadian whisky. It is a mix of whisky, pineapple juice, and dry vermouth. This three-ingredient cocktail will surely catch you by surprise on your first try!

Jack and Coke

The popular “Jack and Coke” are made famous by NASCAR races to cowboy bars, all of these in the United States! It is mixed with Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels.


This two-ingredient cocktail is tall and very, very refreshing. It is made with ginger ale along with either blended whisky, bourbons, or rye whisky.


Made popular by Brooklyn hipsters, you take a shot of Jameson’s Irish Whisky followed by a shot of pickle juice. It may sound awful at first, but it is quite easy to drink… If you like pickles!

To that end, if you’re out and about in search of the tastiest whisky cocktail of them all, this list is a great place to start. Do you want to enhance the experience? You might want to consider bringing our friends along for the ride. You and the squad will surely have lots of stories to tell over a glass or two. Wanting some more recipes for whisky cocktails? Recapture some of those summer feelings!