The most important factor in serving a glass of whisky

Most people believe that the art of serving up a glass of whisky lies in the appearance of the smooth, refined, and aged liquor itself. Although it may be true to some extent, there’s one factor that most people overlook: the glass it’s presented in.

Whether you may be serving it up to your friend, family member, client, or business partner, the presentation of the whisky makes a significant impact. This is why it is imperative to serve whisky in the right glass.

The importance of the whisky glass

The whisky glass used to serve the liquor can make or break the entire appeal of your presentation. The glass gives the whisky room to breathe, creating a mesmerizing and distinct aroma of oak and smoke known to be a connoisseur’s dream. Allowing the aroma of a glass of whisky to settle in can help set up a remarkable introduction to the depth of what’s in it.

Whisky is a drink of unparallelled class, reserved only for those who can appreciate what it is by being patient and detail-oriented enough to know the importance of serving it up in a glass. Although some types of alcohol like beer and wine can be consumed straight from the bottle, it will never be the same case for whisky.

Now, you might be wondering, what’s the best type of whisky glass to go for? Here’s a list of different options for every budget:

For the Highballer: The Glencairn Glass

Commonly known as the “best snifter glass that money can buy”, the Glencairn Glass, developed by Glencairn Crystal Ltd., is the epitome of an unhampered whisky experience. Through decades of experience in the art and science of glassmaking, Glencairn has crafted and released some of the best whisky glasses in the market, but their namesake model takes the cake. Glencairn Glassware’s dedication to the craft is remarkable, as every glass is designed in consultation with experts from different countries that have refined the art of distilling fine whisky.

A Prime Whisky Experience on a Budget: The Ouverture Spirits Glass

Every Ouverture Spirits whisky glass is designed to provide the perfect shape for boosting both the whisky’s nosing function (or aspect of smell) and manner of delivery. Riedel designed and developed its Ouverture Spirits Glass on the premise of delivering the finest whisky experience in its price range, implementing essential factors that constitute the perfect drinking experience.

The Textbook Whisky Glass That Has It All: The Mofado Premium Whisky Glass

Characterized by its round and stemless appearance, Mofado’s Premium Whisky Glass is the perfect representation of the first image that pops up when a glass of whisky comes to mind. With a significantly larger capacity of 12 ounces, this is the perfect option for longer whisky appreciation sessions. Whether you are drinking a Canadian whisky, bourbon or Irish whiskey, the Mofado Premium Whisky Glass makes for one the best enjoyments of the spirit

Appreciating whisky as best as possible is a matter of taking the finer details into account, with one of the most important factors being the glass that it’s served in. The whisky glass boosts the flavour of the whisky and impact your overall tasting experience.