The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well.

Let’s take some time to honour all the competitors who will be pushing their bodies to the limit the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics.  Here are a few ways we can cheer them on.  Let’s start by waving the Canadian Flag – uh, carefully of course:

  • Pour some grenadine into a shot glass.
  • Pour some peppermint schnapps over the grenadine slowly.
  • Then, layer that with some cherry brandy.

Have a few friends over for your favourite to watch your favourite Olympic event and a cocktail.  Rim the glasses in Olympic colours: 

  • Blue crushed hard candy.
  • Yellow gelatin powder.
  • Black salt.
  • Green mint.
  • Red pepper flakes.

The modern pentathlon is the ultimate test for an athlete:  five events in five different disciplines.  You can hold your own whisky pentathlon with a tasting featuring five different world whiskies.  Or pour a dram of Ichiro’s, a true blend made from Canadian, American Irish, Scottish, and Japanese whiskies.  Cheers.

Lastly, here’s your chance to hoist the Olympic torch.

  • Pour some Galiano, Parfait amour, green crème de menthe and grenadine in a glass.
  • Layer some sambuca on top.
  • Then, break out the Bic and set it alight.

Swifter, higher, stronger is the Olympic motto.  However, just a reminder that shouldn’t really apply to your cocktails.  Please enjoy your Olympics proudly and loudly… and your Olympic liquid cheers responsibly.