Surely, Temple.

The Temple Bar Signature Blend Irish Whiskey

Cooley Distillery

Surely, one of Dublin’s “gotta-check-this-place-out” sight is the Temple Bar.  Not only is the bright red pub ease to spot from the outside; the inside is Ireland’s whiskey lover’s (and whiskey tourist’s) nirvana, offering up over 450 different whiskies to sample.  It’s easy to say with that kind of choice you should plan for more than one visit.  The Temple Bar itself was established in 1840 so there’s a lot of tasty history.  Now, given the current situation, travelling in present time is a little tough.  Plus, since I don’t have a DeLorean kicking around, time travelling is also out of the question.  Fine – the next best thing, then, is getting a bit of this history in a glass.

The Temple Bar’s’ Signature Blend is just that – a blend of single malt and grain whiskies.  It’s triple distilled and bottled for TBWC by the Cooley Distillery and the whiskey is aged in ex-bourbon and ex-port casks. It has all the earmarks of an Irish whiskey:  the orchard fruit notes; the vanilla and honey.  It’s as if you were pouring a liquid meadow.  It’s a light and sunny whisky that doesn’t overpower you on it’s first hello.  And while there is some maltiness in there, we found it to be taking a bit of a back seat, letting the vanilla, fruit and honey introduce themselves first.  It’s a cheery, smiling whisky that doesn’t underpromise but doesn’t overdeliver as well.  The finish is somewhat cut a little short, though.  It’s just that with the Irish gift of  crafting stories, I would have loved it if my sip of the Signature Blend had stuck around a little while longer to tell me more.  Unless, this is just the whiskey’s way of me asking for another visit.  Hmmm… Crafty, indeed.

When thinking of Irish Whiskey, names like Bushmills; Powers; Redbreast and Jameson typically come to mind.  It wasn’t that long ago when there were only 5 distilleries operating in Ireland – now there are 25.  Irish Whiskey is experiencing a renaissance and deservedly so.  By all means, explore the names you know, and of course, enjoy.  I would also suggest to check out some of the names that haven’t been your Irish Whisky road map up to now,  And while our mostly everyone’s travelling plans are currently curtailed,  at least sitting at home with a Temple Bar whiskey in your glass will always guarantee  you a the best seat in the house.  Cheers.

Tasting Notes

Colour:  Yellow gold.

Nose:  Red apples, pears, vanilla, honey, dry hay, tea biscuits.  It’s “orchardy” bouquet lets a little spiciness through but not too much.

Taste:  Vanilla and honey.  The spiciness comes through a little more on the finish.  A little more malt comes in to say hello and so do the biscuits.

Finish:  Medium Short