Just like any alcoholic drink, you must consume whisky moderately to avoid adverse effects on your body. However, drinking whisky in the “prescribed amount” can bring positive results to your health. The name itself comes from “uisge beatha,” Gaelic for water of life.

With that, here are ten health benefits of drinking whisky.

It prolongs life.

A study reveals that older individuals who consume whisky moderately had lower mortality rates when compared to heavy drinkers or non-drinkers. One shot of whisky is an excellent toast to a longer life.

It soothes sore throats.

Mixing whisky, honey, and warm water is an excellent home remedy for sore throat. The whisky’s alcohol content numbs the aching tonsils while the honey provides a coating that will facilitate its healing effects. Don’t settle for a gargle and consume the mix instead to get your smooth voice back.

It reduces the chance of diabetes.

A study from Harvard University shows that long-term moderate alcohol intake helps regulate insulin to reduce the risk of contracting Type 2 Diabetes. However, this is not an excuse to drink excessive amounts of whisky because of its adverse effects.

It promotes better digestion,

Whisky has been a digestive aid throughout history. Because of this, a shot of whisky after a heavy meal can help facilitate proper digestion to get a more comfortable sleep.

It lowers dementia risks.

You won’t forget everything that happened during that night of heavy drinking. In 2003, a study published by the British National Institute of Health concluded that consuming one to six shots of whisky every week lowers the risk of dementia. Eight years after, a German study ratifies the same conclusion.

It helps fight stress.

If you like to destress after a challenging week at work or in your personal life, whisky’s barbiturate effect helps you relax. The sedative effects will help induce sleep during anxious moments as well. This is why this alcoholic drink is the universal choice for those who want a soothing nightcap.

It treats the common cold.

We have all heard about “Grandpa’s cough medicine”, where do you think that came from?!

Hot Toddy’s combination of whisky, lemon, honey, and hot water helps you deal with typical colds because it has the same properties found in Nyquil. As whisky dilates the blood vessels, the other ingredients can loosen mucus to get rid of the sickness.

It blocks stroke.

Moderate consumption of whisky dilutes blood to reduce the risks of clot-causing stroke. Likewise, seven small shots of whisky a week brings down heart disease risks as well.

It negates cancer.

Whisky contains high amounts of ellagic acid that neutralizes free radicals that can lead to cancer. Single malt whisky has more antioxidants than red wine, making it a better option in preventing this risky condition. A study by the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen also reveals that single malt has the highest number of antioxidants among whisky variants.

It aids in weight loss.

Whisky is low in carbohydrates, which makes it the perfect alcoholic drink for those who are desiring to maintain their weight. A 1991 study also suggests that moderate consumption of whisky boosts a person’s energy while decreasing their desire for sugary foods or beverages. Whisky is also gluten-free, and its sweet taste comes from oils and not sugar.

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