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Release 17 Yukon Single Malt Whisky

Two Brewers

I’ve always likened whisky to a time machine:  Even though I’m enjoying a dram presently, the thought of that very dram originated a few years ago.  Of course, the beauty of this time machine is that it doesn’t require a flux capacitor, or plutonium to generate 1.21 gigawatts of power to get it going.  A glass will do just nicely.  Also, this review was programmed to go past the last review featuring Two Brewers Release 20 and stopping at Release 17.  Part of Two Brewers’ “Innovative” Series, this whisky features specialty brewer’s malt and malted rye getting together with select barrel finishing.  Also, this batch was capped at 1909 bottles.

Looking forward to looking back at enjoying this dram, Release 17 looks quite inviting with its deep gold hue.  At first nosing, a basket of fresh fruit from berries to bananas makes it way front and centre.  Nicely set beside the basket are the rye spices and a dash of white pepper.  Just a little behind come the Kraft caramel squares and the honey.  While the rye presence is there, it doesn’t overpower all those sweet notes of fruit.  For a time, I let my glass sit during the time I was penning some of the above.  Returning to the glass, it was as if Mom took a bag of the Kraft caramel squares and melted them in a bowl.  Mmmm – warm, rich caramel.  But the fruit weren’t going to sit idly by.  After a few minutes, that bowl with the young, not quite ripened fruit came back.

While I did enjoy nosing Release 17 over quite a longer period of time than usual, I noted that it was time to get back to the task at hand:  tasting.

It was a mirror image of the notes.  Lot like a sequel where one may feel that Part II doesn’t live up to Part 1.  This was just like enjoying the first one all over again.  The rich caramel, the honey, the sweetness of the fruit, all brought along by a gentle up-rye-zing.  And like a movie you enjoyed, the memories don’t fade away quickly.

I, as do you, enjoy the heritage distilleries and classic whisky brands.  Still, in exploring whiskies, I do as well enjoy whisky creators who take different approaches in the crafting of their spirits.  As with Two Brewers Release 17.  I look back at my just emptied glass and, almost as if on cue, I swear I heard Dr. Emmett Brown exclaim:


Tasting Notes

Colour:  Deep Gold.

Nose:  Fruit basket, caramel squares, honey, rye spices and a dash of white pepper.

Taste:  A mirror image.

Finish:  Long.