Release 20 Yukon Single Malt Whisky

Two Brewers

George, his wife Kate, her brother Jim and their nephew Charlie were poking around Rabbit Creek. Word was gold was to be found. They eventually stumbled upon a find.  Not a little.  Not some. But lots. Charlie and George decided to stake a claim and put George’s name officially on it.  That was Sunday, August 16, 1896.  The area had a population of just 500. Two years after, everybody wanted to be there and the population boomed to 30,000.  The Yukon hit it big with the Klondike Gold Rush.

Press the fast forward double arrow on the remote to bring us to right now. Even though large-scale gold mining is done, there’s still gold to be found and enjoyed – liquid gold.  Because the Yukon has discovered whisky making and a new rush is on. Ok, perhaps, I over-Robert W. Serviced it with that last bit but still, Two Brewers must be doing something right.  The started with Release One and this review is for Release 20.

Two Brewers has a range of four types of expressions:

  • “Classic” which typifies mainland of scotch whiskies.
  • “Special Finishes” which focuses on cask selection and barrel transfers.
  • “Peated”.
  • “Innovative” which brings brewing techniques to the art of distilling.

Release 20 is from the Innovative range. It sees time in and time out of maple syrup barrels before being barrelled at 40% ABV.

Auburn rich in the glass, the nose is sweet and elegant. It’s not overpowering like walking into one of those candle slash soap stores in the mall. Here, the aroma is nicely polished:  vanilla and maple arrive first.  Caramel and graham crackers abound but don’t overtake.  And content with hanging around in the back are light and airy orchard fruit notes.  The tongue gets coated with a sweet, thick blanket of maple syrup and vanilla.  Slightly toasted marshmallows and a suggestion of icing sugar, too.  It’s not ice wine sweet.  It’s more like enjoying a rich, liquid dessert without getting crumbs all over your place mat.  The finish is smooth and long with just a feint waft of heat – probably not enough to keep Sam McGee warm – but just enough to give the back of your throat a little tweak.

Everybody’s whisky taste buds are different. And dare I say, there are some whiskies that we always seek. Maybe it’s sherry bombs. Maybe it’s cask strength depth charges. Maybe it’s Peat Monsters. Maybe it’s Bourbon Heat. It’s all good. Then again, if I may be so bold and to suggest:  Do yourself a little service.  Go out, do some prospecting to see, and taste what else is out there. Who knows? You can be a Peat Head and a Sweet Head. Cheers.

Tasting Notes

Colour:  Auburn.

Nose:  Light vanilla and maple, caramel, graham crackers, slight orchard fruit tones.

Taste:  Maple syrup, caramel, icing sugar, marshmallows.

Finish:  Long.