It’s a bit difficult for anyone to talk about anything else during these trying times. As COVID-19 pops up in every corner of the world, life as we know it has been forced to slow down. However, a new way of living has emerged to bring us all some hope.

While we’ll likely be social distancing for a while, and not congregating in our usual haunts, we can still make the most of it until things get better. Distilleries are in full business though, and while some might be making that good, good stuff that will get us through these hard times, plenty of others are using their resources to create something the world needs even more – hand sanitizer – which some are even giving away for free. Here for example is a collection of distillers helping out with hand sanitizer.

As for the enjoyment of whisky during the time of the coronavirus outbreak, there are still ways you can enjoy your favorite spirit without feeling lonely. Here’s how you can make the best of it!

Take a Virtual Distillery Tour

If you had travel plans during this time, having to cancel them because of the coronavirus is incredibly disappointing. Although, while staying in you can use the wonders of modern technology to at least get a visual escape since many distilleries offer virtual tours of their facilities. So, go ahead and pour yourself a finger or two of your favorite spirit and virtually walk them all without getting sore feet!

Arrange a “Happy Hour” on Zoom

Most workspaces are working remotely right now and having teams conference up with Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype etc. These tools aren’t only useful for companies though, you can also use these to meet up with your friends for a few drinks. Drinking spirits together virtually will certainly lift your spirits, and one of the best things is no one has to worry about getting home safely!

We ourselves have been running a weekly get together called Sit, Sip & Share where we encourage people to come together, pour a dram and chat with people.

Expand Your Whisky and General Spirit Knowledge

The internet is full of information, so why not use it to your advantage with more time on your hands? You can take courses on your favourite spirit, do tastings, and have a broad array of options for learning about your favorite spirit all from the comforts of your living room.

Do a Private Tasting in Your Home

If your living arrangement involves roommates or a significant other, set up a private spirit tasting. Use it as a fun evening, a date night – Whatever, and share your passion for good spirits together. You can also take advantage of the tools mentioned above to add more friends and family that don’t live under the same roof.

Conduct a Socially-Acceptable, Socially-Distant Cocktail Hour

As the weather warms, plenty of people are thinking of ways to mingle without coming into close contact. Call your neighbour and ask them to sit in their driveway while you sit in yours, making sure you’re at least 6 feet apart from each other. Everyone brings their own whisky, wine, beer, or other spirits to enjoy all from afar.

While it’s certainly difficult to get used to this new way of remote life, there is hope for better days ahead. We will get through this together! So pour yourself some whisky and engage in the new way to be social with it.