We’re very fortunate that Kris Shoemaker, a Canadian whisky judge for many years now, who has been helping us select our standard LCBO quarterly rotations. In addition, Kris has also been helping us get caught up on our backlog of reviews.

So, how will our reviews be based? In the same fashion and process that Kris has been reviewing Canadian whisky for almost a decade:

Whisky rating: 0 -59 FAULTY

There is something technically wrong with the whisky – ie butyric (baby vomit). It is not that you don’t like it! High sulphur levels and over (or under)-oaking, while they might affect balance are NOT a technical fault.

Whisky rating: 60 – 70 POOR

The whisky has little character and no complexity and is lacking in balance – ie over/under-oaked, heavily sulphurous etc.

Whisky rating: 71 – 75 AVERAGE

The whisky is balanced and is a pleasing drink but it lacks complexity.

Whisky rating: 76 – 79 GOOD

The balance is good and there are elements of complexity.

Whisky rating: 80 – 99 VERY GOOD

Well balanced and complex. A very fine whisky

Whisky rating: 90+ EXCEPTIONAL

Highly complex, long lasting and with lots of character. This is an exceptional drink.

As the site evolves, we’ll be adding reviews and additional content and eventually welcoming your reviews as well.